Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Linen In Public

Alas, unlike this, the print edition of the Northern Echo does not give the world the opportunity to marvel at my beautiful linen suit.

That is a pity, not least because it had given the world the opportunity to marvel at my beautiful pinstriped suit.

The extreme weakness of the prosecution's case against me was evident yesterday, and its lack of preparation was disrespectful to all concerned, including one of the investigating Police Officers, who was present in the public gallery. 

Indeed, the judge was highly annoyed that the correct material had not been uploaded. "This is the Crown Court," he reprimanded counsel, one Louise Harrison.

The Crown Prosecution Service has no case against me unless and until it produces the alleged fingerprint evidence, but yesterday it failed to do so three months, to the day, after I had first been arrested and fingerprinted.

Among those who attended to support me was the Labour Movement legend, Davey Ayre.

No one in the wider Labour Movement regards the ruling Group on Durham County Council as anything other than the Coal Board and the pit owners of the present age.

The Councillors think that they are the miners. But the miners certainly don't, and nor does anyone else. Including Brother Ayre.

I am starting to think, not only that a Solidarity March and Rally really could be held on the first day of my trial, Wednesday 6th December (yes, December!), but that the Police might participate in it.

They certainly ought to do so. In its incompetence, the CPS has treated their work with contempt.

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