Friday, 22 May 2009


I will be at a family function until Tuesday evening at the earliest, so apologies for any delay in emails, comment moderation, and so on.

But no, this coming Monday is not Whit Monday. That is the Monday after. If it, and other days with real meanings, were our public holidays, then, as in other countries (where the public holidays always have real meanings), everyone would have the day off. Yes, even shop assistants. And no boss would dream of expecting people to turn in. As much as anything else, he would not dream of doing so himself.

I don’t just mean the Christian Democratic-Social Democratic Continent. Are the shops open in America on the Fourth of July? Is anyone other than, say, a hospital doctor or a fireman expected to come in, to meet orders or whatever? Of course not. But, of course, the Fourth of July has a real meaning. It is not just a pointless “celebration” of the mere fact that the banks are on holiday.

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