Friday, 29 May 2009

Coverage At Last

Geoff Martin of No2EU was briefly interviewed on The Ten O'Clock News!

And to think that I nearly watched the repeat of EastEnders instead, because I had been listening to Any Questions.

No2EU's claim that they won't take their seats was why I didn't apply to be on of their candidates. Well, that and being heavily anaesthetised before having much of my insides cut out last summer. I don't think that they can, should or will stick to it. Workers' MEPs On Workers' Wages would have been much better. Hell, even Barbara Castle took her seat.

The wider European Left could do with being shown close-up a movement which can include figures such as Peter Shore's old agent, leaders of the Visteon and the Lindsey oil refinery workers, and the immediate past Leader of the Liberal Party, and can pick up votes accordingly from people (like me) who would never simply vote for Communists or Trots, and certainly would not vote for them as individual candidates.

Still, they are the best of the bunch. Their abstentionism might even endear them to columnists such as Simon Heffer, Andrew Alexander and Peter Hitchens, since there is still time yet. And if elected, they really wouldn't be able to resist, nor should they, turning up eventually to make the case for very radical welfare provision, workers' rights, anti-war stances, and so on, but strictly at local or national, not EU, level. That case demands to be made.

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