Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Weasel Out?

Dare we hope that the knives are at last out for James Purnell, who persecutes the poor, sick and disabled while charging the taxpayer four hundred pounds per month for food, since apparently neither his ministerial nor his parliamentary salary is paid in order to feed him?

If so (or even if not), then the knives ought also to be out for David Cameron, whose public offer of his current job Purnell has publicly accepted. That is called governing from the centre, in case you had not heard.


  1. "Purnell has publicly accepted"

    I must have missed this one. Surely some mistake? I've only ever heard him deny he'd join the Tories...

  2. Who mentioned joining the Tories?

  3. In govt, I meant - not the Tory party.

    He's insisted that he's staying with Labour.

    As an aside, I was curious to read an article by him a few weeks back about "egalitarian capitalism". Wasn't sure what he was on about until I read about his flipping houses...

  4. "He's insisted that he's staying with Labour"

    Oh, he could and would keep the card and even the Whip, since there are now so few divisions anyway. That's how things are these adys.