Friday, 29 May 2009

Cause For Complaint

No2EU emails:

No2EU supporters may have noticed that there has been a virtual news blackout of No2EU: Yes to Democracy despite standing in every region and running a full slate of figures in the labour movement. No2EU candidates have received little or no mainstream media coverage while the BNP enjoy unparalleled daily media attention with very little news substance. Question Time last night cut out most of the discussion surrounding No2EU from the final edit. If you want to complain please go to the website below or use the phone number.

Phone: 03700 100 222

Meanwhile, this letter of mine may have appeared in The Independent or The Mirror, although I doubt it. But it has certainly not appeared in The Guardian:

Dear Sir,

I am writing in support of No2EU - Yes To Democracy, the scandalously neglected, union-based formation contesting every mainland British region in the European Elections. No2EU - Yes To Democracy supports jobs, workers' right, public services, and welfare provision. It opposes the Lisbon Treaty, the EU and Westminster gravy trains, the EU threats to our NHS and our Post Office, and the BNP.

Yes, there are some apparently extreme elements in it. But people like Bob Crow, Dave Nellist and Tommy Sheridan are not as extreme as people think they are, or indeed as they themselves sometimes seem to think they are. Very hardline Trotskyists and others are strongly opposed to No2EU - Yes To Democracy.

And No2EU - Yes To Democracy lists include Peter Shore’s old agent, leaders of the Visteon and the Lindsey oil refinery workers, and the immediate past Leader of the Liberal Party (not the Liberal Democrats, but the Liberal Party).

Yours faithfully,

David Lindsay

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