Wednesday, 20 May 2009


This is a new noun, combining “advantage” and “outrageous”.

Dr Richard Taylor, admirable though he is, has never faced a Lib Dem opponent (oddly enough, his constituency is also a centre of the Liberal Party). But at least he is local, and policy-driven.

Whereas the election at Tatton in 1997 was basically rigged. Neither Labour nor the Lib Dems stood, and national media attention was lavished on Martin Bell.

And now it looks like Esther Rantzen, also a blow-in to the constituency in question, also decidedly light on policy, and also the darling of the media of which she is so very much a part.

In the unlikely event that Margaret Moran was still the Labour candidate, there would be no Lib Dem. But the Tories are another matter: the Tory candidate at Luton South doubtless expected to win this time round, and I confidently predict will not be for shifting.

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  1. Oh I dont think its at all likely that Margaret Moran will stand. She will leave Parliament to spend more time with her family..wherever they are.
    Id be surprised if Rantzen made it to the ballot paper.
    Even more surprised if she made it to Westminster.
    If she does stand as "a woman of the people" she might care to reflect on one of the things wrong with society is the Compensation Culture. Her opponents should show those Accident Help Line adverts.