Monday, 25 May 2009

Ups and Downs

Perhaps with Newcastle United and Middlesbrough both relegated, the monopolisation of media coverage of the North East by football in general and Newcastle United in particular might finally come to an end, or at least enjoy a very welcome break.

Note how the BBC didn't bother to mention that Sunderland had stayed up. It was just that Newcastle, especially, had gone down. And when did the national media last report anything about the North East?

Not only is football a matter of supreme indifference to great swathes of both the male and the female population here, but we are actually better at cricket.


  1. Well I will miss the soap opera and (inter)national joke that is Newcastle United. Could yesterday have been any better for me....with Manchester United winning and still The Toon got relegated.
    No national coverage......well the North East is certainly marginalised but then they DO proclaim a Geordie Nation.
    But why revel in being the best footy fans when they are clearly stupid enough to believe that Kevin Keegan is a serious football manager....rather than a serial quitter.
    I loved it I just loved it.
    The Sky Sports Channel clearly does the Gordie nation a disservice. They are not all fat, ugly and toothless. And the men are even worse.
    15 players...earning £50k per week. and no clause about relegation. Madness.
    Look at Burnleys resources.
    To get out of the Championship, The Toon will need to cut its cloth accordingly.
    Newcastle in The Third Division is not impossible.

  2. Of course the media reported that Sunderland were staying up. Clubs staying up are a smaller story than clubs staying down, but I saw plenty of coverage of Sunderland. And even more of Hull, who also stayed up.

  3. I only saw Hull on the national news.