Sunday, 31 May 2009

Unite, Indeed

If one job is lost at Vauxhall, then Unite should disaffiliate from Labour, and instead start funding individual candidates, of any party or none, based on their views.

But then, like every union, Unite should do that anyway, and indeed should already have done it.


  1. CWU members in Royal Mail must be wondering why the political fund is going to Labour...

    The RMT's backed No2EU.

    The PCS is looking into fielding or supporting candidates that oppose privatisation.

    Big businessmen like Murdoch hold out and back the winner - I often wonder if the union's money would be better spent on a TV channel or a tabloid newspaper...

  2. Whatever happened to the Daily Herald...?

  3. Boy was it a mistake to sell that!

    I recall Paul Foot giving a talk on working for Maxwell in which he said that the bouncing Czech was allowed to buy out the Mirror because the alternative was a workers' cooperative owning the paper...

  4. Actually the individual funding of MPs is a very good idea.
    Most of the jobs lost will be in Luton and no doubt the excellent Kelvin Hopkins MP (Luton North) is on the case.
    Whether the retiring Meg Moran MP for Luton South is devoting as much time to the issue is a different question.
    She is of course....she says....under strain.....and has health problems. As she is about to lose her job (with a generous pay out in HER case) she might have a certain amount of empathy.

    I cant quite understand why her CURRENT health problems are only going to be an issue for her NEXT YEAR.