Friday, 29 May 2009

That's Life?

The last Any Questions before the European and many local elections. And who is the fourth panellist? Esther Rantzen. Fancy!

At least I'm a declared candidate, with known political opinions. Why not have me on it...?


  1. The BBC's campaign for Rantzen now warrants very serious investigation.

    But I'm surprised that they aren't having Nick Griffin on, after all the free publicity they've given the BNP.

  2. But investigation by whom?

    When they have their way and, as they see it, all their prejudices about knuckle-dragging proles are confirmed by the election of BNP MEPs, then they will have to have Griffin, Barnbrook or whoever on. After all, election to Strasbourg was UKIP's and the Greens' ticket to the BBC's supper tables.