Wednesday, 20 May 2009


The fraudulent activities of Ed Balls and that woman who is only in the Cabinet because she is married to him have long been in the public domain. Yet their Cabinet seats are still not under the slightest threat.

Instead, all the concentration is on a figure who, whatever she may or may not have done wrong, has no sectarian Left roots, came up through local community activism via local government, is a regular churchgoer, seems rather unlikely to be mistaken for a member of any Primrose Hill set, and recently made a very John Smith-like speech defending a nurse who had offered to pray for a patient while denouncing those councils which refused to fly the Union Flag.

Funny, that.


  1. I think youre right.
    The professional "spin doctor" tradition of Mr and Mrs Balls is quite different from the community activism of Ms Blears.
    But surely thats the point.
    Nobody actually EXPECTS morality from the careerists.
    On the other hand the good people of Salford might actually expect something better from Blears. And they are manifestly not getting it.

  2. Also has habit of using the word "socialism"... naughty!