Friday, 29 May 2009

Baroness Rantzen?

Her record of work for consumers and children is real. She already has the CBE, and the DBE seems rather overdue. Based on tonight's Any Questions, she simply wants into the parliamentary process, and is unconcerned about how or from where, not in itself a dishonourable or ignoble position. She doesn't need the money, and she is already 68. So, why not a People's Peeress?


  1. She can be bought off with a peerage. Although apparently she now loves Luton South so much.
    As I type this Sky News has just had a report on Martin Salter MP (Reading West) .....the honest guy. And followed it up with interviews from wannabees Terry Waite and the singer from 1980s pop sensation Dollar.
    Waite is of course a man of substance.......and the guy from Dollar is.....well the guy from Dollar.
    I cant actually see Rantzen (fearless champion of consumer rights) getting too worked up about constituents Housing Benefit claims and the nitty gritty of day to day work.
    Incidently it would be a rather good idea to have all candidates for public office having a certificate of clearance from Inland Revenue to show that they are "in good standing" and not had to reach a settlement in respect of EVASION.
    It might rule out some high profile Celebs and indeed professional politicians.

  2. She told the Devon audience that she might stand at Totnes. Even though Anthony Steen is certainly retiring. Yet they still cheered.

    You have to be registered in the United Kingdom for tax purposes in order to be considered by the House of Lords Appointments Commission.