Friday, 22 May 2009

Question Time

No2EU emails:

On Thursday 28 May, BBC Question Time will broadcast a European election special from London. So far no-one from “No2EU: Yes to Democracy” is on the panel.

There are two things you could do to help the campaign get some publicity around this programme: push for a candidate to be on the panel and/or try to get on the programme as part of the audience.


Contact Question Time on-line, or ring them, asking for them to put a “No2EU: Yes to Democracy” candidate - such as Bob Crow - on the panel.

Reasons might include:

- “No2EU: Yes to Democracy” is standing a full slate of candidates in every [mainland] British region;

- there is greatly increased interest in smaller parties because of the expenses scandals involving major party MPs;

- the fact of a trade union sponsoring an anti-Labour election campaign is significant [and scandalously unreported];

- Bob Crow is a well known (and controversial) figure, especially in London, where the programme is being made [well, I'm sure they could find someone else if necessary, since he is indeed "controversial" in London...];


Get on the programme as part of the audience. You may be able to ask a supplementary question.

You can suggest panellists online via the Question Time website. Go to and do search on “Question Time”. On the site there is a “Suggest a panellist” link on the front page; or go to FAQs and scroll down to “Suggest a panellist”.

Similarly you can apply to join the audience via the website. There is a “Join the audience” link on the front page, or go via FAQs.

The Question Time telephone number is 0871 626 9988.


  1. Sore of Stepney22 May 2009 at 18:41

    John Rowe would be a more conciliatory pannelist than Bob Crow.

  2. Do get onto Question Time about it.

  3. I cannot actually see the value in having more people in the panel than there are in the audience.
    Minority parties are always going to have to prove heir "right" to be given such prominence. This is especially true for Parties founded a few weeks ago with a manifesto (of sorts) written on the back of a packet of 20 Embassy Regal.
    Admittedly there is a certain Catch 22 situation. They get seats on panels if they get VOTES......which of course they cant reasonably get if they dont have air time.
    The winds are favourable that BNP, UKIP and the Greens will get off the ground in 2009.
    Maybe even"No to EU".
    I am inclined to think that if I lived in England I might well vote for "Noto EU" .
    Whether or not I need to see Bob Crowe on Question Time is a different proposition.

  4. A sizeable section of any London audience would be very hostile towards him. I fear that, while No2EU is much more broadly based than the SLP and is in any case only contesting this one election, Crow might be be to it as Scargill was and is to the SLP.