Thursday, 28 August 2008

Wiki Watch

If you visit the Wikipedia entry on conservative Democrats, you will read the only thing that I have ever written on Wikipedia (I barely know how to do it):

"In South Carolina in 2008, the Democratic candidate for United States Senator is Bob Conley, a traditional Catholic and a former activist for the Presidential candidacy of Ron Paul. Conley is expected to do well not least because so many African-Americans will be voting for the ticket with Barack Obama on it, while conservative votes for the ticket with Conley on it will also help Obama in what is expected to be a very close Presidential Election."

Or rather, you will read part of what I wrote. Since the weekend, someone has deleted the following:

"The morally conservative Black Church will be key to getting out Obama's vote in 2008."


I will be re-submitting it some time in the next 24 hours, and might also add that Conley's views are in fact a great deal closer to those of most African-Americans than are the views of Obama, not least because his background is so much closer to theirs than is that of a privately schooled lawyer and second generation academic.

Look out for it.

And, I ask again, why? What was wrong with what I originally wrote?

UPDATE 6:25 PM - just added, so keep an eye out for it:

"Conley's moral views are in any case closer to those of many African-Americans than are those of Obama, and the morally conservative Black Church will be key to getting out Obama's vote throughout the country."


Andrew said...

I assume they thought it was the kind of claim that needs a citation to back it up. It's not that it's necessarily wrong, it's that it shouldn't be put there without evidence. Unevidenced claims tend to get deleted from Wikipedia pretty ruthlessly. I'd have thought that the rest of your post is at risk, since things like "is expected to do well" need to be backed up. Expected by whom? Where have they said they expect this?

Don't take it personally. Just back up your claims.

David Lindsay said...

You have to back up the claim that the Black Church will be getting out the vote for Obama?

I think the problem was with the entirely accurate description of this backbone of the Obama campaign as "morally conservative".

Look out for payback time under President Obama. And if you want that, then Vote Obama.