Saturday, 23 August 2008

Miliband: Silly, But Also Nasty

Time was when even lightweight Prime Ministers had heavyweight Foreign Secretaries. Hell, even Blair, the lightweights' lightweight, had Robin Cook, Jack Straw and the much-maligned Margaret Beckett (a Minister before he was a Labour Party member).

But now, we have an undoubted heavyweight, whatever else one might say about him, as Prime Minister, and someone who makes even Blair look like a colossus as Foreign Secretary. He is currently trying and failing to grow the thinnest of moustaches, like a boy of about 13. Suddenly, we see the horrific hormonal context of his purchase of babies over the Internet.

But is the undoubtedly ridiculous Miliband merely ridiculous? As Ralph Mliband's son, he was always guaranteed first a safe and then a Cabinet seat, entirely regardless of his abilities, once he had finished his progress from a birthright place at an elite pseudo-comprehensive to a birthright place at Oxbridge. He chose Oxford, and would have got in anyway because of who is his father was. Yet he hedged a bet in no need of hedging by gaining admission through a special access scheme run by ILEA. In other words, he stole the place of someone with no other way in, even though he himself was in absolutely no danger of being rejected.

Yes, Milly is very, very silly.

But he is also very, very nasty.


Anonymous said...

How sad that you live your life feeling so bitter and envious!

David Lindsay said...

Oh, puh-lease! Envious of Milly?

At least you have enough of a sense of shame to remain anonymous.