Friday, 29 August 2008

Putin It Like It Is

How dare Putin suggest that America egged on the lunatic Georgian military action in South Ossetia, never mind that she did so in the hope of securing the election of a hawk to her own highest office.

What, all those CIA operatives and American military advisers in Georgia were just admiring the view, were they? And Saakashvili's neocon links are just a coincidence, are they?

The term that the affronted are looking for is not "conspiracy", but "foreign policy". And yes, America has one. Sometimes even tied into her electoral politics.

Who knew?

Who didn't!


Ælfhere said...

Back in the Real World, of course...

David Lindsay said...

I think we can see who is and who is not in the real world here!

Satraps do as they are told. And that is what Saakashvilli is - a satrap.