Saturday, 30 August 2008

Russia's Pride, Britain's Shame

Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria and Nagorno-Karabakh have never been governed in practice by post-Soviet Georgia, Moldovo or Azerbaijan. Nor were they ever part of pre-Soviet Georgia, Moldavia or Azerbaijan.

Do they want, as Kosovo did and as Chechnya does, to join globalisation, European federalism, American military-industrial hegemony, and the militant Islam to which those forces pretend to be opposed but are in fact closely allied?

After all, look at 1980s Afghanistan, at 1990s Bosnia, and at today’s Kosovo, Chechnya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Look at how a bulwark against Islamic militancy has been taken out in Iraq, with all the predictable consequences. Look at how the global capitalist economic system depends on mass migration, not least to the West from the Islamic world. And look out for Xinjiang.

Do the people of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria and Nagorno-Karabakh want into this? Or do they want out of states moving in that very direction? The latter. They therefore deserve full recognition and every possible support.

Russia is leading that recognition and support. In common with all the Slavs, Russia is the gatekeeper of the Biblical-Classical synthesis that is the real West, not the secularised, consumerised, de-historicised, borderless, culturally debased, morally bankrupt pseudo-West, a wasteland without an Eliot, aimlessly waiting to be incorporated into the Dar al-Islam.

Furthermore, the South Ossetians, at least, are Russian-speaking Russian citizens. Whereas what have we ever done for the world’s peoples of English speech, British descent, or both? We did nothing to protect them, first from the Boers’ revenge republic, and then from the hopeless Mbeki, never mind the repulsive Zuma. Thatcher refused to recognise the Muzorewa Government, instead holding out for the Soviet-backed Nkomo as if he would have been any better than the Chinese-backed Mugabe. And so forth.

Russia’s pride is Britain’s shame.


The Aberdonian said...

NK is obviously not Slavic. The Armenians are Caucasian peoples with a language that is not related to Russian except for a few borrowed words.

Armenia and indirectly NK are bankrolled by the Americans so I do not know where you get this neo-con capitalist etc stuff from. The Armenian lobby in the States is very powerful - but not as poweful obviously as the Turkish government.

Never the less I believe that the US government gives to Armenia the highest (after Israel) amount of money per head in aid. And on top money from rich American-Armenians. Notably Kirk Kerkorian was pumping something like 5% of the country's wealth into it. No doubt Reagan's man in California, former governor George Deukmeijan has a presence there.

Concerning ex-Empire, I am guessing you do not include Mauritus, St Lucia etc since the lingua franca of those nations is French, not the officially sanctioned English. You did not really answer the question of the enforcment of English in these countries (ok Mauritus was the example I used) yet you would be up in arms if it was English speakers being made to learn lets say Welsh.

By the way, I did not know you approved of id cards. In Russia you (and indeed many other parts of the former USSR), you have to carry an internal passport at all times which state everything about yourself including your education, where you have lived, worked etc. Do you approve of such things as the Russian police seem to be very enthusiastic about them when I was there from the amount of people I saw being stopped and inspected.

David Lindsay said...

"NK is obviously not Slavic."

I never said that it was. I said that the Slavs, of whom the Russians are by for the most powerful, were the historic protectors of Christendom, not least against Islam. Britain isn't Slavic, either. But that's not to say that we might never need such protection.

"Armenia and indirectly NK are bankrolled by the Americans so I do not know where you get this neo-con capitalist etc stuff from"

Not all Americans are neocon capitalists. Just what WILL the American Right say when NG declares independence from American-sponsored, capitalist-backed Islamic persecution, and declares it backed by Russia? We will, of course, soon find out.

"The Armenian lobby in the States is very powerful"

Jolly good.

"but not as powerful obviously as the Turkish government"

Again, let's see the American Right sell that one to the base.

"St Lucia"

An English-speaking country like any other Winward Island, and with the Queen as Head of State like all of them except Trinidad & Tobago.

"In Russia you (and indeed many other parts of the former USSR), you have to carry an internal passport at all times"

I don't see what that has to with anything. Do these "many other parts of the former USSR" not include Georgia or Azerbaijan as well?

The Aberdonian said...

Actually Dominica is a republic as well - strangely its main lingua franca is French too.

French is spoken as the main language in a handful of the islands that were formerly French possessions.

Talking about Mauritus, neighbouring sort-of Seychelles is another.

By the way what did you make of Said Musa being PM till recently of Belize. Being of Muslim Palestinian extraction. A blow for Trojan-horse Islamo-fascism against Christendom?

David Lindsay said...

Hardly - he's gone.

Dominica is not a Winward Island, those being by definition the former British possessions named after Winward. And they don't speak French in Saint Lucia.

Now, can we get back on topic, please?

Ælfhere said...

'Look at how a bulwark against Islamic militancy has been taken out in Iraq'.

Oh, wake up! The first thing you want President Bongo to do is to remove the bulwark against Islamic militancy in Iraq. It's all very well pretending that Saddam Hussein was really St Louis of France (or whatever fantasy the anti-war Right is working on at the moment), but there's also the here and now to consider.

In the last two month Coalition Forces in Iraq have captured twenty members of the Hezbollah Brigades. And you want those Coalition Forces (not the forces being supported by Russia) to stop interfering and go home.


David Lindsay said...

They are the problem.

Probably nothing can now be done to save to save the Chaldo-Assyrians while keeping them in Iraq. Bush's legacy to Christendom.