Thursday, 28 August 2008

Links' Links

I like to link to any site that links here, and am always glad to hear of such. But where to draw the line? If a site links to this one, and to several others of which I approve, but also to one that I find utterly repugnant (far beyond merely being wrong), then what should I do, and why?


Anonymous said...

You can probably get to any site on the internet, including some really vile ones, within about five clicks of this one. That's not your fault, it's just the nature of the internet. The same would be true of any other site.

David Lindsay said...

Oh, I know. But two clicks are a different matter. If I link to something knowing that (I honestly don't know why in the case that I have in mind) it links to something deeply unpleasant, then that really is my fault.

Anonymous said...

whilst your under no duty to promote any other site which is essentially what linking is, it does seem counter-productive to refuse to debate with these people.

Far better to publically and vehemently disagree than ignore them

David Lindsay said...

If he'd only remove hos one offensive link.

But, of course, I am the first person to object to anyone telling me how to run my blog.