Sunday, 31 August 2008

Of Bear-Baiting And Flea-Baiting

Gordon Brown is wrong about Russia. But at least his is a competent article. Unlike this, by, well, guess who?

In the last days of Blair, the Guardian refused to publish Silly Milly's piece of drivel bidding for the Labour Leadership, so it ended up in the Daily Telegraph, which ran it as a joke. To similar hilarious effect, the Mail on Sunday has cruelly printed this latest effusion.

Brown is baiting a bear, and should stop.

But the right-wing papers are baiting a flea, and should carry on, and on, and on.


Break Dancing Jesus said...

A whole weekend of Slavzi drivel.

The aspiring chief commandant of the Gulags of the Northern provinces indeed.

Anonymous said...

In your headline, you misspell "baiting". I wouldn't mention it, except that you pedantically take David Miliband to task for his grammar. You shouldn't be throwing stones from such a fragile glass house.

David Lindsay said...

Duly corrected, although that's hardly in the same league as not knowing the difference between a subject and an object. And note that BDJ didn't notice it at all. Bless.

Ah, dear BDJ. Once a Trot, eh? I mean a Trot, not a Trotskyist: a shouty pubescent newspaper-seller, not someone who reads books.

Like the old Trots in Washington, Westminster and Whitehall, he really does believe that the Soviet Union still exists.

Whereas, in fact, it would be the overthrow of the present Russian Government that would bring to power the totally unreconstructed Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Or else the National Bolsheviks, much favoured by the BBC, whose flag says it all: the Nazi flag, but with the hammer and sickle instead of the swastika.

Of course, I know that BDJ won't understand any of this. But there are those here who will. BDJ's Betters. It could be a dining club, or something.

Anonymous said...

Attacking BDJ for not correcting your errors? How's that for chutzpah?

David Lindsay said...

Oh, I didn't expect him to pick up on it. And I wasn't disappointed. I never am by BDJ. Bless.

Anonymous said...

You should levae both Miliband and BDJ alone. Cruelty to animals is very unkind.

Miliband is on borrowed time anyway. He obviously wanted his Mail article to upstage Brown's in the smaller circulation Observer. Now you don't do that.

He'll be lucky to get out of the autumn reshuffle as an intact man, never mind as Foreign Secretary.

David Lindsay said...

Assuming that he even is an intact man.

He is currently trying and failing to grow the thinnest of moustaches, like a boy of about 13.

Suddenly, we see the horrific hormonal context of his purchase of babies over the Internet.

Anonymous said...

"The aspiring chief commandant of the Gulags of the Northern provinces indeed."

You have a Facebook group called "Declare the North of England Independent, Protected by Russia".

David Lindsay said...

I certainly have. I really must upload the picture that my friend has designed for its page, of the crowned, double-headed eagle above and between Durham Cathedral and York Minster.

In my lighter moments, I have lately considered that, faced with the prospect of a Policy Exchange government dependent on the SNP for its majority, we in the North of England might declare ourselves independent, under the protection of Russia.

It's just a bit of fun, of course.

But then again, they are not Slavs in Nagorno-Karabakh, but they will soon require and receive the full protection of the age-old guardians of Slavic and non-Slavic Christendom alike, not least against subjugation to Islam.

And there is a lot more to the North of England than my own County Durham...

Break Dancing Jesus said...

"Declare the North of England Independent, Protected by Russia".

Looking for some "National Salvation"

The Quisling of the provinces indeed.

David Lindsay said...

Just because you have just failed GCSE History (no mean feat, in its way), don't come parading that sorry fact on here.

Anonymous said...

He's too young even for GCSEs.

And too thick. Which, as you say David, is "no mean feat, in its way". No wonder he hates you. You want to bring back grammar schools and O-levels. Where the hell would that leave him?