Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Poll To Poll

The latest polls put "Others" on fourteen per cent. But time was when the BBC could only bring itself to call UKIP "Others" and leave the matter there even when it took more votes than the Lib Dems. So, who are these "Others"? I think we should be told.

And, as ever, somewhere between thirty-four and thirty-eight per cent of respondents, or possibly even more these days, have been discounted for headline purposes because they are determined not to vote for anyone, since there is no one for them to vote for.

Let's go to work.


  1. Let's go to work, indeed.

    Which reminds me: what exactly is your job, David?

  2. Who are these "Others"?

    The SNP and PC, mostly. A tiny bit of UKIP. Maybe a negligible number, just above zero, for the various tiny crank parties.

    Why, who do you think they are?

  3. I was just wondering.

    The SNP and Plaid Cymru couldn't possibly add up to anything remotely approaching that figure nationwide.

  4. Oh, and Anonymous, I have several, as frequently mentioned on here. Why do you ask?

  5. There's always the BNP, of course. They've had plenty of good publicity recently.

  6. I suppose. But I still think that someone should look into this, and that the BBC, in particular, is being (predicatably) derelict in not doing so.

    Fourteen per cent? That's the sort of figure that the Lib Dems sometimes manage at General Elections, never mind in opinion polls. It really is quite a lot of people.

    And then, of course, there are the dedicated non-voters, aware of their disenfranchisment. They are a LOT of people.

  7. Is that Small Cigar posting anonymously? I fear so. Well, what else does he have to do, since you "ruined his career", David?