Sunday, 25 November 2007

Why Not Kucinich?

Because he supports mass immigration's theft of the jobs of the black and white American working class, driving down of that class's wages and working conditions, and oppressing it by means of enforced bilingualism.

And because he wants to build social democracy (insofar as he could, in view of the foregoing) at federal level, which cannot be done: only states' rights, as advocated by Ron Paul, can bring social democracy to America, just as only national sovereignty can restore social democracy to Europe.

A Ron Paul running mate, perhaps. But not President.


  1. This is fantasy politics. How, if at all, are you influencing the US political process?

  2. Oh, but he is. Although he probably doesn't know that he is. He is vastly more influential than he knows.

  3. Is that true? How?

    David? (Or is "J" David in disguise?)

  4. Well, if it is, then I wouldn't know, would I? I certainly get emails from all over the world about this blog, and they are quite often from really rather well-placed people.