Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Yes, I know that this title is obvious. But so what? Not least because I am from the North East, I am very happy for all the Northern Rock depositors who are going to be helped out by the Government. But what about the victims of Farepak, who do not require anything like as much money? What is the difference? Is it really just class?


  1. Socialist Labour has made the running on this. I appreciate your aversion to multimember STV with people losing their seats to members of the same party as themselves, but what if each party only stood one candidate per seat?

    For stuff like this (and so much else), the BPA would get the second preferences of Old Labour Left voters (and the thirds, after the Old Labour Left, of Marxist voters). For sovereignty and social conservatism stuff, you'd get the High Tory/UKIP/Cornerstone voters' seconds and the BNP's thirds. And for civil liberties stuff you'd get the Liberals' seconds and the Greens' thirds. You'd clean up.

  2. How would this differ in its outcome from the system that I have outlined several times on here?