Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Last Straw?

In the words of an anonymous comment, referring to the blocking of this blog by government departments:

Coming out for Ron Paul was probably the last straw. Nobody, and certainly nobody in Britain, must know about him, not least because he wants to stop spending Americans' tax dollars on running other countries. Hence the Fleet Street/BBC/ITN blackout where the Ron Paul Revolution is concerned.

Any thoughts?


  1. Hmm, not sure this is true. The BBC's correspondent (Justin someone?) mentioned Paul in surprisingly glowing terms early in his campaign. You wouldn't like Paul though, he wants to roll back the frontiers of the state. He does share your anti-abortion stance but he equivocates - wanting to reverse "Roe vs. Wade" but make it an issue to be decided by individual states.

    His anti-war, pro-constitution stance makes him a nightmare candidate for both neo-conservatives and liberal interventionists. In the unlikely event that he gets anywhere the White House, the poor man will probably end up shooting himself in the back of the head or suffering a plane crash.

  2. He wants to roll back the frontiers of the federal state, yes. But I've always considered that the US, like the EU, is far too large and diverse for social democracy at federal level.

    Unhitch states' rights from slavery or segregation (the former has long been against the explicit text of the Constitution, while the latter can never return now that blacks have the vote), and that principle is just what America needs in order to produce a proper Left, doing things at state and local level.

  3. What's Martin Miller's view? Same as yours? Funny that.

  4. He hasn't said. It certainly isn't always, which is where poor, deluded Kamm's case falls down on this one. Whoever you are, you can do better than to be a mouthpiece for Kamm, now all but blacklisted in Fleet Street, it seems. Unless you are Kamm, of course. You poor, poor soul.

  5. We should all take this very seriously, I'm afraid. Since I poisted this morning, I've done some digging, though I haven't been able to find out too much - my clearance isn't high enough. Suffice it to say that this has been a conscious decision by people in this country, in consultation with friends of ours across the Atlantic. And I don't want to say too much on a public blog, but beware of links and discussions about a certain Presidential candidaate. Suffice to say that certain people on both sides of the Atlantic have concerns over the changes that either a Lindsay led movement or a similar US movement could make, if you get my meaning.

    All the best, David - and be cautious.

    A Friend.

  6. David, this is ludicrous. Someone is transparently lying about your blog being blocked just to make you look stupid - and succeeding.

  7. You haven't seem my inbox from people I 've known for donkey's years, now spread across various sections of public service. Most of them have never tried to access this from work (good to know - keep those noses to the grindstone), but when they did, it was blacked, although other blogs weren't.

    I expect, in accordance with past form (shall we say...) that there will be no problem now that this situation has actually been discussed on here.

    It's no wonder there are bombs. Still, the idiot younger sons of the gentry have to be given something to do, I suppose. Let's just say that this is not my first ever dealing with them, and that they've never won yet...

  8. The one thing they fear most is the re-emergence of the Old Labour Right.

    They have convinced everyone that they are the Labour Right "like your parents voted for in the non-swinging provincial Sixties" when in fact they are not even the Labour Left.

    They are the anti-Labour Left of the old WRP and IMG and all that, gone home to middle-eclass suburbia after university and its immediate aftermath. But basically unchanged. And now running the country.

    But then you come along. And that God for that.

  9. Personally, I think that eoither or both of Sean Phillips and A Friend might be spoofs. But I know that my correspondents elsewhere aren't. And i know that the computers on which I have actually seen this phenenon during the last 48 hours aren't. So Sean Philips and A Friend spoke much truer than they knew.