Thursday, 22 November 2007

I Trust That You Are All Reading This Without Difficulty Today

I expect, in accordance with past form (shall we say...), that there will be no problem now that this situation has actually been discussed on here.

It's no wonder there are bombs. Still, the idiot younger sons of the gentry have to be given something to do, I suppose. Let's just say that this is not my first ever dealing with them, and that they've never won yet...

You haven't seen my inbox from people I've known for donkey's years, now spread across various sections of public service. Most of them have never tried to access this from work (good to know - keep those noses to the grindstone), but when they did, it was blocked, although other blogs weren't.

Personally, I think that either or both of Sean Phillips and A Friend might be spoofs. But I know that my correspondents elsewhere aren't. And I know that the computers on which I have actually seen this phenomenon during the last 48 hours aren't. So Sean Philips and A Friend spoke much truer than they knew.

And is this anonymous comment, placed this morning, also rather close to the mark?:

The one thing they fear most is the re-emergence of the Old Labour Right.

They have convinced everyone that they are the Labour Right "like your parents voted for in the non-swinging provincial Sixties" when in fact they are not even the Labour Left.

They are the anti-Labour Left of the old WRP and IMG and all that, gone home to middle-class suburbia after university and its immediate aftermath. But basically unchanged. And now running the country.

But then you come along. And thank God for that.

I rather suspect so.


  1. I work in a government department and I've never had any problem accessing this blog. Or indeed leaving comments on it, as I am now. I read your posts on this issue, over the last couple of days, with disbelief - since I knew they could not possibly be describing the truth.

    Did the computers on which you "have actually seen this phenomenon during the last 48 hours" actually have the words "This website is not appropriate"?

  2. Oh no, just the usual "blocked", "you are not authorised" sort of thing. I'll be sitting at one of them briefly this afternoon. I bet there's no problem anymore.

  3. Remember that carry around this time in 2001, when they had all that trouble accessing your emails after you had a letter published opposing a war against Afghanistan? Didn't you send another one setting out the situation, which was never printed but made the problem stop instantly? As you say, it's no wonder there are bombs.

    Trust that the Facebook interference of recent days, after you announced on your status that your blog wasbeing blocked, has also sorted itself out. You'll know who I am from that, of course. So you'll also know why I can't give my name.

  4. I can't access Facebook until this afternoon. My employer this morning (ah, the wonders of freelance life!) simply blocks it for everyone.

    Yes, that was what happened in 2001/02. I sometimes think that these things are not cack-handed at all, but are deliberately like that in order to frighten people. Well, they don't frighten me.

  5. David, do you think that "Sean Phillips" is a spoof because I told you he was? Because you're right, he is. I made me up.

    But, oddly, you didn't publish the comment where I said this.

  6. But other people aren't. Many a true word spoken in jest, I fear. Still, it will all have stopped now, I expect: that's what happens when you expose them to ridicule instead of scurrying away and hiding.

    Incidentally, that they have the time to devote to trying to intimidate me (more than once now) is a fascinating and important insight into just how real or otherwise are the "plots" allegedly going on in our midst. Ricin? Blowing up Manchester United? Remember them?

    How many more of us are there? Do get in touch. We could have a dinner or something.