Monday, 19 November 2007

Kosovo: What Now?

The Exile (a bit sweary, but worth it not least for the stuff about Oliver Kamm's failure to be invited to student parties or let into the University of Oxford's Freemasons' Lodge) writes:

Serbs in the NATO occupied Serbian province of Kosovo have refused to legitimise their own annihilation by voting in the recent elections.

Preliminary counts indicate that one of Kosovo's major criminal figures, Hashim Snake Thaci, has won most of the Albanian vote, not that turnout was very high amongst them, either. Only about 40% - 45% bothered to show up at the polls.

What happens next is out of Serbia's hands. If Moscow will give a security guarantee to Belgrade then the Serbian army can march in and retake the province that was stolen from them as a result of western aggression in 1999.

The Russians should give that guarantee. Kosovo is where globalised capitalism first began its forward march. Therefore it is right and proper that Kosovo is where that march should turn into a humiliating and irreversible retreat.




  2. But how could anyone tell what was a spoof and what wasn't?

  3. Interesting post... I am stunned by the ignorance being displayed in the media on this issue, you'd think they would just pull in the old hands who covered it last time.

    Andrew Rawnsley posted on this in the Observer yesterday and I was almost apoplectic with rage at the stupid Blairite muppet.. If you are going to talk about Serbia as if the apocalypse is going, its best not to dedicate the first half of your blood article to Westminster tittle tattle, and possibly to mention, I don't know... The names of the parties/leaders in Serbia.

    Personally, I have a lot of close friends over there, and I am much depressed to see our media treating them like southern barbarians. Personally, I think the only solution is for the Serb's to find a dignified way to give up the province, but Russia is making that quite difficult for them by bolstering their oppositionalists. I know how you feel on territorial integrity, but here a lot of the blame should be handed to the EU.. Their inflexibility and reluctance over membership has made the people of Serbia feel very isolated, no wonder they are pulling back into Kosovo-holding rhetoric.

  4. Very easily - the kammbot has a very limited set of phrases, and the syntax is faulty. Kamm may not say things you like, but he says them in full sentences.

  5. The stuff he now posts on Harry's Place (not least about you, David) is completely beyond parody. It must be real, because no one could possibly make it up. That they are his fantasies, I mean. Not that they are true, of course.

  6. The tragedy is that he really believes them, though.

    Is there anything on there NOT actually written by Oliver Kamm? Of course, he has nothing else to do.

    Edwin, why should the Serbs accept this? Would we of Bradford?

  7. Have you noticed how Comment is Free now deletes Kammite attacks on Neil Clark, but not David's attacks on Oliver Kamm, even when David says that Kamm is going to prison?

    Nor does the Spectator appear to have noticed what Kamm alleges about David's and my posts on its blog, happily publishing the former this very day.

    Kamm is definitiely on the down escalator.

  8. How would we know that it deletes "Kammite attacks on Neil Clark"? If they're deleted, how do we know what they were?

  9. What's all this on PM Dawn's blog about you being expelled from student societies, David? Do tell...

  10. You can read them before they are deleted, of course. Martin is right about this. I've noticed it, too.

  11. There's nothing to tell. I haven't been a student for quite a while. I am a tutor, and very definitely not expelled from anything in that regard.

  12. DL:

    Because it is much, much more complicated that that. The fact is that Yugoslavia, apart from the complex period between the wars, has never had plebiscite rule (it's all Ottoman, Hapsburg, Serb-empire , Communis mess) and therefore your ideas of nation states really don't apply... Its all accidents of history over there. No-one can put together a true history of Kosovo demographics, so that narrative splits in all directions.

    Now that plebiscite rule is coming into play, the real problem is the "cradle of Serbia" issue with the Battle Of Kosovo, not any true history of the province.

    At the moment, there are too many Kosovan Albanians to evict, they are wedded to the land, and a solution must be found... To be honest I find your enthusiasm for territorial integrity as opposed to the beliefs of the people who live their really distasteful, people will die if what you want happens...

    As it is a way must be found to bring Serbian's in to the big tent of wealth.. At the moment they are forming a significant Diaspora as their wealthy, educated, middle class citizens leave the country in droves for a better life, because no one internationally is forming favourable agreements with their government. To a large extent the issue is not Serbia/Kosovo but Belgrade/The World... And the world is shitting on Belgrade.

  13. Martin is right about this. I've noticed it, too.

    Great minds think alike, eh?