Wednesday, 21 November 2007

"Not Appropriate"?

At 8:50 PM, Sean Phillips commented:

David, sorry to post off-topic, but why on earth has your blog been blocked by computers in government departments? I can get it at home, but at work I just get a page that says "this website is not appropriate". I can get other blogs - just not yours. What makes your blog so dangerous? Or inappropriate?

Any ideas?


  1. My best guess is that this is nonsense. Have you ever seen a page saying "this website is not appropriate"? That's not how they'd phrase it. You've been had.

  2. I reckon someone's taking the mickey out of you.

  3. Total nonsense, David.

  4. Yes. I work for an organisation - well, let's not say its name, but its based on the Thames - and since 9/11 is now government policy (made by Order in Privy Council, I believe) to restrict access to material which might be thought to undermine the state. I don't know whether you are specifically on it because I have't seen the file for a while, but there is a list of groups and individuals, and they are specifically, shall we say, targeted (don't want to be more specific than that on a public blog).

    No need to take any additional precautions in your day to day life, at least not at present. But that is why certain people cannot access your site, and why certain other things are also taking place behind the scenes.


    A Friend.

  5. I wish that I could believe you Anonymous 7:56 AM, Simon Bush and Tim Ward. The whole thing strikes me as beyond bizarre.

    But that's not what is confirmed by an overnight flurry of emails from people whom I trust absolutely, some of whom are really quite well-placed.

    So, how, specifically, does this blog undermine the State? Is it because I am in favour of the monarchy, or the closest possible ties with the other countries sharing it, or the Union, or the supremacy of British over EU law, or contol of our own defence capabilities, or the retention and restoration of our ancient civil liberties, or what?

    I submit that those seeking dangers to the State need to look rather closer to home.

  6. Remember that Britain now has no intelligence capability apart from the United States. None. Nobody in Britain will have decided to block this site. They will just have been told to do it, and they will just have done it, if they had any hand in it all.

    Coming out for Ron Paul was probably the last straw. Nobody, and certainly nobody in Britain, must know about him, not least because he wants to stop spending Americans' tax dolars on running other countries. Hence the Fleet Street/BBC/ITN blackout where the Ron Paul Revolution is concerned.

  7. So let's get this straight.

    The unrepentant old Trots and CPGB (even Straight Left) hands over at Harry's Place and the Euston Manifesto Group are all right. So are the unrepentant old lackies of the Boer Revenge Republic, the Rhodesian treason, and assorted Iberian and other Fascists (especially Pinochet) over at the Henry Jackson Society.

    It is all right for them to support militant Islam in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. It is all right for them have supported it in Afghanistan, and to support making its life a whole lot easier now in Iraq, and soon in Syria.

    It is all right for them to support Nazism, strictly so called and openly identifying itself as such, in Bosnia, Kosovo, Denmark, Flanders, and as a result of the Law of Return's flooding Israel with Russian Nazis.

    And it is all right for them to believe, and to act on their belief, that British MPs and peers, and their counterparts throughout the world, should function as such in accordance with the direction of the junta centred on the Project for the New American Century and the American Enterprise Institute, unelected even by the American people, never mind anybody else.

    But this blog undermines the British State.

    That's right, isn't it?

  8. The sad truth is that this sort of psyops is increasingly commonplace. What the PNAC crowd try to do is to discredit somebody by suggesting that they are extremists: even though they are the true subversives who have hijacked the US State. They also try to make you appear to be mentally ill, which they do by simulating the symptoms in you, so discredit you.

    This is what they did to David Shayler, and remember, he was originally one of them.

    The way that they are able to control the computer system is by use of Muslims, who often work in IT companies. They think that they are working for their militant Islamic goals, but they are just being manipulated by well placed people whose allegiance to the CPGB Straight Left faction is as strong as ever.

  9. Personally, I think that eoither or both of Sean Phillips and A Friend might be spoofs. But I know that my correspondents elsewhere aren't. And i know that the computers on which I have actually seen this phenenon during the last 48 hours aren't. So Sean Philips and A Friend spoke much truer than they knew.