Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Considerably Richer Than You

Those of us who have received this Harry Enfield response, almost in so many words, when we have dared to challenge the hegemony of this country's eye-poppingly corrupt Political Class may now look forward to the next time that they, now utterly exposed as cast-iron crooks, try and use it. We don't even need much money, if we have sufficiently strong local candidates. Indeed, the public mood is now such that Election campaigns which are really just ostentatious displays of the wealth of one's friends (often obtained at public expense) will go down very badly indeed. But no one inside the bunker can begin to understand this.


  1. OK. But do you have sufficiently strong local candidates?

  2. David, you may not need money to launch big national campaigns, hire helicopters, book billboard adverts etc . But you do need, as a legal minimum, £322,500 to put up as deposits in 645 constituencies. Given your frequent appeals for donors ("does anyone have a million or two?"), I fear the worst.

  3. I don't...

    Although all donations gratefully received, of course. Just keep it legal, please.

    £500 per constituency, for people with strong local bases who appeal both to churches and to unions, not to mention farmers in rural areas? So long as we make the effort, which we will, no problem.

  4. Pj, we will have. Mot least if people reading this who agree with us, and feel that they could be such candidates, get in touch - davidaslindsay@hotmail.com.

    You'll be checked out, of course. But you're sensible enough to understand that anyway. What a contrast with the Political Class...