Friday, 5 October 2007

The British People’s Alliance: Just Released

The British People’s Alliance is an emerging new political party which we will certainly stand a candidate in every constituency throughout the United Kingdom at any General Election from 2009 onwards. In the event of an earlier Election, a list of endorsed candidates (of any party or none) would be published, and the local organisation of such candidates would of course be encouraged in every possible way, as a key part of this party’s emergence well in time for the General Election after that. There is simply not the time to register this party between now and an Election this year, but such a list of candidates would still be published, and any information towards that end would be most gratefully received. Contact David Lindsay –

Ours is a One Nation party, with an equal emphasis on the One and on the Nation: a pro-life, pro-family, pro-worker and anti-war party of economically social-democratic, morally and socially conservative British and Commonwealth patriots. Below is a Statement of Principles to which candidates and Party Officers must subscribe, as they also must to the explanations to follow of how the British People’s Alliance is the party of conservative values (British independence, the Union, real education, the countryside, agriculture and small business, law and order, family values, energy independence, and co-operation with Russia on the basis of shared values deriving from Classics and the Bible), the party of labour (social justice, public transport, workers’ rights, local government, a real NHS, peace and disarmament, British independence, freedom, and a real voice for the areas that have supported Labour in the past), and the party of liberal democracy (freedom, social justice, a real NHS, peace and disarmament, the countryside, agriculture and small business, British independence, and a real voice for the remaining old Liberal areas that have had to vote for the Liberal Democrats despite having nothing in common with them).

We are the restored party of those Labour MPs who defended the grammar schools as the ladder of working-class advancement, and who were tough on crime because most victims were (and are) poor.

We are the restored party of the Attlee Government, which dismissed the European Coal and Steel Community as “the blueprint for a federal state”, which “the Durham miners would never wear”. Of Hugh Gaitskell calling the Common Market “the end of a thousand years of history” and a threat to the unity of the Commonwealth.

We are the restored party of ardently Unionist Labour MPs from Scotland, Wales, and their adjacent areas. Of Roy Hattersley sending British troops into Northern Ireland in order to defend the grateful Catholics there precisely as British subjects defined by their liberties under the Crown (whereas citizens are defined by their obligations to the State and to the government of the day). Of Roy Mason running Northern Ireland as an integral part of the United Kingdom, with terrorism treated as a plain and simple security problem. Of Harold Wilson guaranteeing the Anguillan people's right to be British, explicitly outside the American hegemony that had wanted to re-create there the brothels and drug dens of old Havana.

We are the restored party of those Labour MPs (mostly Methodists) who resisted relaxation of the laws on drinking and gambling. Of those (mostly Catholics) who fought against abortion and easier divorce. Of those who voted in favour only after warning against exactly what has come to pass: abortion more common than having a tooth pulled, and one in three marriages ending in divorce.

And, therefore, we are the restored party of the Welfare State, workers’ rights, progressive taxation, and full employment. That party – our party – dissuaded Truman from dropping an atom bomb on Korea, and it refused to send British forces to Vietnam. It opposed the Soviet Union and wider Stalinism on the same grounds, and with the same ferocity, as it opposed Fascism in the Iberian world and elsewhere, as well as apartheid South Africa and its Rhodesian satellite.

And it won elections on enormous turnouts, and in the face of serious opposition. We intend to do the same. We invite all MPs, MEPs, Peers, Prospective Parliamentary Candidates and others who subscribe to our Statement of Principles and to the documents that follow, to join the British People’s Alliance either immediately, or upon election or re-election at any General Election in 2007. Those who share our views and values have no future in any other party.

Britain is crying out for just such a party today. And now, Britain has such a party – the British People’s Alliance.

Statement of Principles

The British People’s Alliance believes, first, in the conservation or restoration (as the overwhelming majority of Britons wishes) of such good things as national self-government (the only basis for international co-operation, and including the United Kingdom as greater than the sum of its parts), local variation, historical consciousness, family life, the whole Biblical and Classical patrimony of the West, agriculture, manufacturing, small business, close-knit communities, law and order, civil liberties, academic standards, all forms of art, mass political participation within a constitutional framework, and respect for the absolute sanctity of each individual human life from the point of fertilisation to the point of natural death, all of which “free” market capitalism corrodes to nought, both directly and by driving despairing millions into the arms of equally corrosive Jacobinism, Marxism, anarchism or Fascism.

Secondly, therefore, the British People’s Alliance believes in the universal and comprehensive Welfare State (including, for example, farm subsidies), and in the strong statutory and other (including trade union) protection of workers, consumers, communities and the environment, the former delivered by the partnership between a strong Parliament and strong local government, the whole paid for by progressive taxation, and all these good things underwritten by full employment.

Thirdly, just as one cannot logically oppose the decadent social libertinism deriving from the 1960s without also opposing the decadent economic libertinism deriving from the 1980s (or vice versa), and just as one cannot logically oppose the European Union's erosion of our self-government and culture without also opposing that by global capital and by American hegemony (or vice versa), so likewise one cannot logically oppose the unrestricted movement of people without also opposing that of goods, services and capital (or vice versa). The British People’s Alliance does oppose all these things, and questions most searchingly the received opinion of Left and Right alike where the 1980s, in particular, are concerned.

If “there is no such thing as society”, then there can be no such thing as the society that is the family, or the society that is the nation; therefore, there must be such a thing as society. There cannot be a “free” market generally, but not in alcohol, gambling, drugs, prostitution or pornography; therefore, there must not be a “free” market generally. The case against organised labour and its proper political role (notably the affiliation of trade unions to one or more political parties, with all that that entails) is the case against the aristocratic social conscience and its proper political role (notably, at least in Britain, the hereditary peerage), and vice versa; both with organised labour and its proper political role, and with the aristocratic social conscience and its proper political role, Britain has been more blessed than any other country on earth.

A country’s sovereignty, liberty, democracy and identity are all eroded at least as much by that country’s heavy reliance on imported goods, rather than on a domestic manufacturing base, as by any other factor. The same is true if a country is heavily dependent on imports in order to feed her people, instead of maintaining a thriving agricultural sector, itself characteristically a bastion of strong family ties, and therefore also of strong community spirit; and the same is true if much of a country’s agriculture, industry or commerce is owned or controlled by persons who are either not her citizens or not resident within her borders for tax purposes. Our country’s sovereignty, liberty, democracy and identity have been, and are still being, so eroded, an erosion which we are determined to expose, to halt, and to reverse.

The British People’s Alliance is also determined to expose, to halt, and to reverse the deliberate importation of a new working class whose members understand no English except commands, know nothing about workers' rights in this country, can be deported if they step out of line, and (since they have no affinity with any particular part of this country) can be moved around at will, so that the old working class can be told to go hang, taking with it its unions, its minimum wage, its health and safety regulations, and so forth. The British People’s Alliance is determined to expose, to halt, and to reverse the enforced bilingualism or multilingualism that transfers economic, social, cultural and political power to a bilingual or multilingual elite, so that those who are or will be excluded are or will be the English-speaking working class, black and white.

And the British People’s Alliance is determined to expose, to halt and to reverse the process whereby, far from our having grown richer since 1979, we have in fact grown vastly poorer: only a generation ago, a single manual wage provided the wage-earner, his wife and their several children with a quality of life unimaginable even on two professional salaries today. This impoverishment has been so rapid and so extreme that most people, including almost all politicians and commentators, simply refuse to acknowledge that it has happened. But it has indeed happened. And it is still going on.

Fourthly, liberty, equality and fraternity are inseparable from nationhood, family and property, since liberty (the freedom to be virtuous, and to do anything not specifically proscribed) is inseparable from equality (the means to liberty, and never to be confused with mechanical uniformity), thus from fraternity (the means to equality), thus from nationhood (a space in which to be unselfish), thus from family (the nation in miniature, where unselfishness is first learnt), and thus from property (each family’s safeguard both against over-mighty commercial interests and against an over-mighty State, and therefore requiring to be as widely diffused as possible), which is the guarantor of liberty as here defined.

Marxists, including neoconservatives, are correct that the family, private property and the State have a common origin, with each absolutely necessary in order to maintain the other two; but Marxists, including neoconservatives, are wrong to see this as a bad thing, and therefore to desire the withering away of the State, which they know would be the withering away of the family and of private property, and which they want precisely for that wicked reason.

For, fifthly, neoconservatism is in fact a Marxism which has merely changed its ending so that victory belongs to a bourgeoisie stripped of all its best characteristics (and thus to an America, that most bourgeois of countries, likewise so stripped). It retains intact its Marxist dialectical materialism, its Leninist vanguard elitism, its Trotskyist (specifically, Shachtmanite) entryism and belief in the permanent revolution, and yet also its Stalinist belief that the dictatorship of the victorious class should be built in a superstate and exported (including by force of arms) throughout the world while vanguard elites owe allegiance to that superstate rather than to their own countries. Whereas the British People’s Alliance rejects Marxism root and branch, including in the form of neoconservatism.

Furthermore, sixthly, the British People’s Alliance is determined to expose and to oppose the alliance between neoconservatism and Islam in 1980s Afghanistan, in 1990s Yugoslavia, and in today’s Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Chechnya, Kosovo, Iraq (where it has removed one of the Arab world’s two principal bulwarks against Wahhabism and against the culturally related expression of Shi’ism), Syria (where it is threatening to remove the other such bulwark) and Turkey (which once and future Caliphate it welcomes into NATO, and would welcome into the EU), among other places.

That alliance also extends to the Stalinist-turned-capitalist nomenklatura in Eastern Europe, and to neo-Fascist and neo-Nazi elements there and elsewhere (such as within the ruling coalition in Denmark). Indeed, the late leader of the neoconservative-backed Bosnian Wahhabi was an erstwhile recruitment sergeant for the SS, in league with the Holocaust-denier then turning Croatia into a 1930s Fascist theme-park, while the neoconservative-backed Kosovar Wahhabi did and do wear black shirts in deference to their SS fathers and grandfathers. All this, and much more, demands to be exposed and opposed.

And seventhly, therefore, the British People’s Alliance will resist root and branch, tooth and nail, any admission of Turkey to the European Union, itself a key neoconservative project, and indeed now headed by a former Maoist who became the rabidly “free”-marketeering and pro-Bush Prime Minister of Portugal before attaining his present position. We call for the restoration of the supremacy of British over EU law, for the use of this provision to restore Britain's historic fishing rights, for no EU legislation to apply in the United Kingdom unless and until passed by both Houses of Parliament exactly as if it had originated in either of them, and for the House of Commons to have the power to disapply by resolution any ruling of the European Court of Justice (mirroring the power rightly enjoyed by the German Constitutional Court).

We call on the Council of Ministers, as a legislative body of elected politicians, to meet in public and to publish an Official Report akin to Hansard, and we call on the British and other governments to adopt the show-stopping Empty Chair Policy until this happens, after which there would be no further need for the European Parliament. As things stand, the European Parliament gives, and must be shown to the public to give, a platform to such repugnant elements as Stalinists (technically so called), Trotskyists, neo-Fascists, neo-Nazis, people who believe the Provisional Army Council of the IRA to be the sovereign body throughout Ireland, and, increasingly, members of the neoconservative-Islamic alliance. All of these already have some say over the laws that we must all keep. However, the same is at least partially true of the Council of Ministers, i.e., of the EU simply as such.

If you agree with any of the above views (none of which is currently represented within the political process); if you experienced exclusion from “sex, drugs and rock‘n’roll” in the 1960s or since; if you suffered as a result of the decimation of Britain’s manufacturing base and of her public services in or since the 1980s; if you believe in political parties capable of being told apart, and in politicians with minds of their own; then we implore you to join, and to support in every way, our and your pro-life, pro-family, pro-worker and anti-war party, the British People’s Alliance.


  1. Does your opposition to neocon-backed Nazis extend from Yugoslavia and Denmark to Belgium?

  2. Certianly, speaking for myself, although I can't really see any of our people disagreeing on this one.

    The neonons are backing a Flemish secessionist movement with deep Nazi roots, which, in the cause of the "free" market and in order to destroy a social democracy, wishes to destroy a state closely resembling the United Kingdom, historically our principal ally and trading partner on the Continent, and headed by a monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

    Britain must act to stop this, and I have every confidence that, if we still have the time, then the British People's Alliance will so act.

  3. Your name recalls the three stands on which you draw. "British" has a Tory ring to it. "People's" has a Labour ring to it. And "Alliance" has a Liberal ring to it. Is this on purpose?

  4. Funnily enough, no. But thank you.

  5. Cool. Does your party have a website?

  6. Well, we have this.

    Of course, there will be something soon enough (especially now that the grown-ups have slapped down any call for a General Election before 2009), and readers of this blog will be the first to know about it.

  7. Just what we need - another bunch of moralistic bigots.

  8. Well, what would you have instead then, Ian? And why?

  9. I'd have "FREEDOM"!! That said loudly and in a William wallace style, just before I smote ya all with my big Claymore.. ha ha you bunch of English Jessies... etc. seriously though I will be keen to follow your partys progress and would even consider voting for you.. are you fielding candidates in Scotland though?

  10. Oh, yes, if we can find them. Do get in touch -

  11. tamesidecitizen.blogspot