Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Save The Male

Eight points is nothing, of course. Nor is a fifty per cent rating in the South East anything for the Tories to crow about, since the South East simply is not where they need to win seats.

But men are turning against Labour? Now that is a real story. If only men had had the vote, then Labour would have won every General Election since the War. Labour simply cannot afford to lose the votes of those with both these economic interests and these social interests. But, it almost goes without saying, New Labour is doing exactly that.

And why should any man vote for a party with a totally unreconstructed 1970s anti-male fanatic as its Deputy Leader? Now, of course, he has someone else to vote for.


  1. err...frankly most people would not know that Labour has a Deputy or who that deputy even is!

  2. But most people who are still inclined to vote would.

    Indeed, Polly Toynbee, in particular, made great play of the fact that Labour had to elect Harman is order to keep women's votes, Her Pollyness The Toynbee and Her Hattiness The Harman being oblivious to the sex of Hazel Blears, since all proles look the same to them.

    Well, what about the votes that could be lost because of giving the job to a totally unreconstructed Seventies man-hater?

    Labour has assumed that the working classes had to vote for Labour, that great swathes of the country had to vote for Labour, and that men had to vote Labour, all no matter how badly they were treated by Labour. Well, now all those constituencies have somewhere else to go.

    If you are a man, or your husband is a man, or your father is a man, or you know any men at all, then you simply cannot vote for a party which gives house room to (among other people) Harriet Harman. And now, you don't have to.