Friday, 26 October 2007

If You Ask Me

It's still nowhere near enough. And where are these people? If they are in the South East, where the Tories already hold most of the seats anyway, then who cares?

Who reading this has ever been polled? I never have been, and nor has anyone else whom I have ever asked this question. Furthermore, most opinion polls are now conducted over the phone, so the pollsters know whom they are polling.

All in all, it seems clear that the aim of these things is not to measure public opinion, but to influence it. In this case, to make the unwary think that the super-posh, super-liberal Heir To Blair can win, and that most people want him to.

Not that Brown is an any more attractive prospect, but neither of these things is in fact the case.


  1. David,

    All hell is breaking loose at Harry's Place with a claim that Neil Clark is standing for this new party that you have blogged about.

    Confirm? Deny?

  2. oh yes, he suggested to me that he put up at Wantage againt Ed Vaizey, I said that that was a capital idea, and he's doing it. It's all been on here.

    Although we're contesting every seat, we are making a particular effort to remove Jacksonite and/or Eustonite MPs, and to keep others of that ilk out of Parliament. Not our only priority, but certainly one of them.

    I'd rather not give publicity to Harry's Place. Trotskyism gone Fascist is not exactly my scene. Will they still be publishing comments from Oliver Kamm when he is in prison for his criminal harassment of Neil Clark?

  3. What have you got against posh politicians?

  4. Nothing in principle, but I don't see it as a qualification in itself to be Prime Minister. To support Cameron, you have to see it as such, since there is no political difference between him and Brown.