Tuesday, 16 October 2007

It Is All Very Strange...

Can anyone explain why Hilary Armstrong, whose seat is so safe that she actually inherited it from her father, and who is probably going to retire at the next Election anyway, is now putting out "communications" to every household in her constituency?

She is also posing as a campaigner to save what little remains of a hospital the destruction of which has been her life's work hitherto.

It is all very strange...


  1. I am quite surprised at your comment, I have to be honest. Are you suggesting that you would not expect your MPs to keep in touch with constituents if they are in safe seats. I hope that you are not falling in to the trap of arrogance already. It is your belief that everyone is important that we admire and if this is your attitude, I will not vote for you in 2009.

  2. Oh, of course they should. But they wouldn't ordinarily bother (that's why we need new ones), least of all when they were going to retire anyway (Hilary is in her sixties and has a deep loathing of Gordon Brown, who more than returns the compliment). I'm just wondering why she's bothering, that's all.