Wednesday, 24 October 2007


The refusal of John "Banana" Yates, bent and yellow, to confirm the existence of the blatantly obvious trade in seats in our very legislature constitutes a contempt of Parliament, and should be pursued as such. Which MP will do so?

As for his petulant insistence that the media had not been tipped off about arrests, were they psychic? That, too, was a contempt.


  1. I didn't think much of Yates and could understand the Banana nickname being applied because of his slipperiness particularly regarding his answers aboutleaks to the press but I do think the connection you make about "yellow and bent" is probably libellous. It's unlikely he reads your blog but you'd better hope he doesn't read the Guardian which is where I found your post

  2. I have always made clear exactly why I call him Banana. This blog is hosted abroad, and in any case I can't imagine that he'd want these matters discussed in court. Look at the lengths to which he has already gone in order to prevent exactly that.

  3. The Guardian has removed your comment. Spineless.

    Assume you know about the private prosecution fund -