Thursday, 18 October 2007

Just Say No, Gordon

Just say no. What would Cameron say then? And you'd have done the right thing, the thing that you really want to do anyway, and the thing that MPs of all stripes are desperate for you to do, both on principle and in order to avoid a vote on the floor of the House. Just say no, Gordon. Just say no.


  1. Say no to what? What are you talking about?

  2. There's a summit in Lisbon today, you know.

  3. There are all sorts of things going on today, you know. Gordon could say "no" to lots and lots of them, if he wanted.

    The list of things you're against, and which you'd like Gordon Brown to be against too, is quite long, unless I've completely misunderstood your blog.

  4. "Gordon could say "no" to lots and lots of them, if he wanted."

    Oh, if only...

    Parliament must now say "no", of course.