Monday, 29 October 2007

The Dogs Bark

The print and broadcast media seem to be in uproar at the arrival of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on these shores. Don't we know what the House of Saud is like? Indeed we do. And supporters of the cadet House of Bush are in no position to comment. Yes, Johann Hari (whose Independent front page I have just seen), that includes you: you supported the invasion of Iraq.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is one of neoconservatism's many past and present sites of alliance with militant Islam, with the others including 1980s Afghanistan, 1990s Bosnia, and today's Turkey, Pakistan, Kosovo and Chechnya.

In Bosnia and Kosovo, that is also an alliance with the linear continuations of Nazism, just as neoconservatism has in Flanders, in Denmark, and in its support for the continuation of the Israeli Law of Return, which is now flooding Israel with Russian Nazis.


  1. Oh, do shut up. I've heard quite enough from you, you insignificant little waste of space.

  2. Looking in the mirror, Johann? (Yes, I know it's not him - there'd be a link to his blog. But don't spoil the fun.)

    Hari is a fascinating, if depressing, example of just how far you can get, and how quickly, if you come from a certain background and "move in certain circles".