Thursday, 18 October 2007

Till The Day I Die

The Leader of the Tories in the Welsh Assembly is in favour of further devolution on the Scottish model, and the Tories' Shadow Welsh Secretary (an Englishwoman sitting for an English seat) says that the Tories might campaign for a Yes vote in any referendum on the subject, depending on the specific proposal.

If the SNP made an effort, then it could take every Lib Dem Westminster seat in Scotland, and every Lib Dem seat at Holyrood except Shetland. As much as anything else, the Eurofederalist, anti-family, pro-crime and pro-drugs policies of the Lib Dems do not remotely represent the views of people in the Highlands, Islands and Borders, any more than they represent the views of people in the West Country, Mid-Wales, or the old Liberal pockets elsewhere.

Will no one fight for the United Kingdom, my country, which no one has the right to take away from me? Yes, someone will.


  1. "An English woman representing an English constituency" - as an anti-devolutionist you must of approved the sucession of English Tory MPs who were Gauliters, I mean Secretaries of State for Wales. The only one who had a link with Wales was David Hunt as he was born there - but taken over the border and raised in the Wirral.

  2. Alas, she reflects the English separatism now sweeping the Tories (although they really only have the South East in mind).