Friday, 18 February 2022

Setting The Berger Bar

Three years to the day since the foundation of Change UK, whatever happened to any of them? But most especially, whatever happened to Luciana Berger, who at one time had a lot to say about me on Twitter?

Keir Starmer said that the test of his Leadership would be that Berger would re-join the Labour Party. He has failed his own test.

Still only 40, she was last heard of in the Liberal Democrats, so I welcome her as the Lib Dem candidate at North West Durham. Either that, or she is too frightened to face me.


  1. Looked up the Israeli media stuff about your spat with her, glaring factual errors by her supporters but you'd have so much fun against her here.

    1. If she does not give it a go, then she is as yellow as her rosette would have been.