Friday, 18 February 2022

Not A Happy One?

Prince Harry's assumption that he could effectively hire the Police as private security seems to be explicable by the fact that Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer have both done pretty much that. 

Downing Street is policed within an inch of its life, yet before everyone forgot about the parties, we were expected to believe that none of the Police had noticed a thing. And Starmer had armed Police Officers pointing their guns at the delegates who were attending the private event that was the Labour Party Conference. Who paid for that?

With Starmer whipping his party to abstain, Johnson has legislated to make the Police, the Armed Forces and a host of other State agencies, including the "intelligence and security" ones, immune from prosecution no matter what they did.

Yet neither Starmer, nor the Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, has corrected in any way Angela Rayner's call, in that context, for a shoot-to-kill policy, which the Official Opposition could not now oppose if the Government were to adopt it either in law or in practice. In North West Durham, vote for me.


  1. Starmer was the DPP when the decision was taken not to prosecute over the shoot to kill of Jean Charles de Menezes.

    1. And there was a Labour Government at the time.