Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Real Nuclear Deterrent, The Real Defensive Alliance

You know the usual hysterics. The kind who believe that Vladimir Putin has murdered a further 14 undesirable aliens who had bought their way into this country from Theresa May. The kind who send in the Counterterrorism Police when a man in his late sixties, also with a deeply dodgy past that ought to have precluded his admission to these shores, has a heart attack. And the kind who are aghast that Seumas Milne has suggested that there have been problems in the past with intelligence on weapons of mass destruction, as well as pointing out that Theresa May has left open the possibility that Russia had lost control of the nerve agent.

Doubting MI6? The very idea! And after the Iraq War, too? Who would do such a thing? In any case, Theresa May has left open the possibility that Russia had lost control of the nerve agent. It has certainly not lost financial control of the Conservative Party, or there would no longer be a Conservative Party. You do know that the 1990s happened, don't you? And that it is the Conservative Party that is bankrolled by the Russians, with May handing out British passports to them like sweeties so that they can legally make donations to it?

As for the Labour MPs who are disowning Jeremy Corbyn, no doubt as effectively as the last time or the time before that, it is good to see the spooks being flushed out. When Crispin Blunt was replaced with Tom Tughendat as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, then Peter Oborne warned that it was a neocon coup, and he was right. But the problem is at least as serious on the other side, with even MPs who appeared on RT last year to plug their books now accusing those who do so of taking "blood money", despite themselves having supported the wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Sir Alan Duncan, who is so much better than this, calls the Salisbury incident "the most heinous act on European soil since 1945". That will come as news in the former Yugoslavia.

This time last week, we were being hectored about the importance of our relationship with Saudi Arabia. I pay close attention to these things, but I am not aware that Saudi Arabia has said or done anything in response to this incident. By the most thinly disguised of proxies, Saudi Arabia and Russia may be at war with each other in Syria, but relations are not so bad that they cannot jointly fund the governing party of the country that they think is simply their London playground. Speaking of which, any word from Qatar, the Emir of which owns more of London than the Queen or the Mayoralty does? Any word from Israel? Only the most mixed of messages, meanwhile, from the United States. So much for NATO. Some defensive alliance, that.

And so much for Trident. Some deterrent, that. Apparently, a weapon of mass destruction has been detonated on our soil. How very deterred those responsible obviously were. We need the real nuclear deterrent, which is civil nuclear power, together with the exploitation of our vast reserves of coal, in both cases fully unionised and in public ownership. We also need the real defensive alliance that is a trade agreement with each of the BRICS countries, together with the full integration into the Belt and Road Initiative of all four parts of the United Kingdom, of all nine English regions, and of each and all of the British Overseas Territories and the Crown Dependencies.

You know what you have to do, brothers and sisters. You know what you have to do.

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