Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Question Less?

If Russia were indeed murdering British citizens on the streets of Britain, then we would be at war with Russia. We are not at war with Russia, in fact we would lately have frozen our little socks without her, so there you go. But Saudi Arabia is murdering our citizens on the streets of Britain. And yet ... well, money talks. Doesn't it? 

Of course the cry has gone up to take down RT and Sputnik, on both of which I have appeared in the past and would gladly appear again. Programmes such as Going Underground, Sputnik and The Alex Salmond Show are witches that cannot be suffered to live.

Stations must be punished mercilessly if they give airtime to supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, not as a very occasional indulgence during which the presenter and several other guests will scream hysterically at the shown freak, but regularly and respectfully, as an integral and important part of the debate.

That is what this is about. Forcibly silencing 40 per cent of the electorate. It is not really about Russia at all. It is about Britain.

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