Monday, 12 March 2018

Party Before Country?

As the Front National falls apart, remember that it the reason why it was never going to win, or even top the poll, was because it was really the political vehicle of a separate country, a continuously existing parallel society and culture that rejected the Revolution root and branch. All the immigration and poverty in the world was never going to persuade enough people to vote for that. It would have amounted to a complete change of nationality, and to a complete renunciation of the old one.

Not that such countries within countries are especially unusual. The American Democratic Party is rapidly becoming another one, if it is not already there. It nominated Hillary Clinton and then reacted with bewildered hurt when even Donald Trump managed to beat her. It has been toying with some celebrity liberal or other. And now, it is considering Joe Biden. Biden might have beaten Trump in 2016. But the next Presidential Election is not going to be held in 2016. And a second defeat by Trump would be the end of the party.

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