Friday, 2 March 2018

I Wasn't Going To Do This, But

With the Right preparing to put someone forward (it is an appointed position on the staff, not an elected office), Jon Lansman needs to reconsider his decision to apply for General Secretary of the Labour Party. This way, he would always be able to say that Jennie Formby had got it with his endorsement, and at least imply that she would not otherwise have been successful.

The self-appointed are seeking to attack Jennie by means of the nonsense definition of anti-Semitism that includes criticising British politicians' links to Israel. Making it no wonder that she is being backed by George Galloway. I have also been on the receiving end of allegations of that kind; Oliver Kamm is still at it in his "defence" to Neil Clark's legal action against him. 

I admit that no one has ever attempted to kill me for it, although I am subject to a repeated and active death threat by the Israeli (and Indian) Far Right in support of Simon Henig. I also appreciate that everyone has their own breaking point. But George is tactically wrong to sue Jon over a tweet. There would have been far more deserving targets, and they are enemies of all of us. Perhaps Oliver Kamm again?

By the way, where once we were in contact several times per day, George has now blocked me on Twitter because I am standing for Parliament against, one expects, Laura Pidcock. Yet I am doing so in order to bring to the stump, and then to the floor of the House of Commons, issues on which George and I agree but Laura certainly, probably or presumably does not.

Those include the need to withdraw from the Single Market and the Customs Union, the need for a reorientation towards the BRICS countries, the need to join the Belt and Road Initiative, the need to bring Tony Blair to trial for the Iraq War, the need to withdraw from NATO, the need to control immigration by the means advocated by trade unionists such as Paul Embery, the continuing need to oppose Scottish independence, the dangers of Catalan separatism, fathers' right in general and the need for a legal presumption of equal parenting in particular, total opposition to drugs, total opposition to gender self-identification, total opposition both to abortion and to assisted suicide, total opposition to the prostitution and pornography that are defended by the same Owen Jones who has endorsed Laura as a potential future Leader of the Labour Party, and many more besides. Not least, the continuing injustice against the 472 Teaching Assistants whose pay Durham County Council has cut by 23 per cent.

One question does present itself most urgently today: Laura Pidcock, do you accept the endorsement of Michael Heseltine, who finished off Margaret Thatcher's destruction of the Durham coal industry, and who recently said that the former Durham coalfield was now better off as a result? Yes or No, Laura? Yes or No?

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