Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Happy Anniversary

Raise a glass on this anniversary of my arrest.

The Police are doing so, in between stating openly that they would not have charged me, and still ringing me up to ask my advice on other matters.

My dozens of character witnesses, all disallowed because any one of them would have guaranteed an acquittal, are doing so in both Houses of Parliament, in the upper echelons of journalism and academia, in the judiciary, among the senior Catholic and Anglican clergy, and in several cases among my alleged victims in the Labour Group on Durham County Council.

Perhaps even the Crown Prosecution Service is doing so, since it would appear to have nothing else to do, having failed to disclose any evidence whatever against me, now less a month before my trial date, so that it has become impossible for me to receive a fair trial.

And, Lent or no Lent, I myself will be doing so. Cheers!

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