Saturday, 10 March 2018

Clean The Air

Even without the 48 Typhoon, Saudi Arabia already had more than twice as many British-made military aircraft as the remnant Royal Air Force had. And even before the regime there changes, the arming of Saudi Arabia is for all practical purposes the arming of al-Qaeda and of the so-called Islamic State. 

Ignore the singing of the praises of Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Not only is he the architect of the war in Yemen, but every new Saudi ruler has always been hailed as some kind of reformer and moderniser. Since this one took power, executions have effectively doubled.

For a fourth day, there comes no denial from Theresa May or anyone else. Therefore, the words of Jeremy Corbyn stand on the record of the House of Commons, that British military advisers are directing the Saudi war in Yemen, and are thus complicit in the war crimes that are the cause of the worst humanitarian disaster in the world today. Why is there any other news than this?

BAE Systems ought to be renationalised as the monopoly supplier to the British Armed Forces and to nobody else, with a total ban on the sale of arms abroad, and with a huge programme of diversification in order to maintain industrial skills.

There is nothing "bleeding heart" about any of this. Once the arms are out there, then we never know where they are going to end up, thence to be turned against us. Or, in the case of Saudi Arabia, we do.

You know what you have to do, brothers and sisters. You know what you have to do.

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