Tuesday, 28 August 2012

None In A Million

One down.

The "free" schools programme, the Conservative Party's only specific policy on any subject in 2010, is moving from damp squib to full-blown disaster.


  1. What do you mean by disaster?

  2. Aren't some of your ex Durham colleagues involved in setting one up?

  3. Quite possibly, Adam. You know more than I do, in that case.

    The University is sponsoring an Academy, and if anyone should, then it should. It ensures that the role does not go to anyone less suitable. But that is something different.

    Viv, there were supposed to hundreds of these things. Where are they? As of today, one that was due to open within days has lost its funding due to lack of interest. There will be more.

  4. David - there are now just under 100. With a further 102 due to open next year. That doesn't sound to me like disaster?

  5. We shall see how many of them ever actually open.