Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Evil Auntie

Put out at the award to Channel 4 of the rights to cover the Paralympics, the BBC has resumed in earnest its longstanding campaign for assisted suicide. (Although last night's Accused did explore quite what sort of person would wish to carry it out professionally, as well as the reality of the effects of cannabis use on adolescent mental health. Only Jimmy McGovern could have got that broadcast, so thank God that he did.)

It gave over much of last night's Newsnight to the odious eugenicist Professor John Harris. Who next, David Irving? That said, this year's Reith Lectures were delivered by Niall Ferguson. And the entire media are of course blacking out the anti-Atos protests. Imagine if they, and everything else that is routinely reported nowhere with Lobby access apart from Tribune and the Morning Star, were being co-ordinated by a broadly based party with 70 or more MPs.

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