Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Speed, Bonnie Boat?

The traditional enforcement of Sunday observance on the Western Isles may be a bit severe. How odd, all things considered, that they never get to read Peter Hitchens. But I give Lewis two years from this coming Sunday’s sailing before it is in, so to speak, the same boat as the rest of us, with shop workers and others obliged to take Sunday work in order to make ends meet.

Here in England, at least, there is not even any enforcement of the law against the large supermarkets opening on Easter Day, and the penalties available would be derisory if such an enforcement were ever to be attempted. Behold the future of the Western Isles now that the largest has fallen.

Such are the totally anti-conservative fruits of the “free” market. And such is the true legacy of John “old maids bicycling to Communion through the morning mist” Major.

In the one corner of this Kingdom where it still exists, that Kingdom is about to lose, once and for all, something very, very precious indeed.


  1. Major was only quoting the Socialist George Orwell. He himself was this country's first agnostic PM - though he later on told journalists that he was a believer.

  2. I don't believe he is, but he certainly wouldn't have been the first agnostic PM if he were.

    Orwell is overrated, but his patriotism, social conservatism and anti-Communism are vitally important.