Wednesday, 8 July 2009

National Sovereignty Day

When will it be ours, when we say goodbye to the huge foreign military presence, often hidden behind fake British names, that has silently dominated our political life for nearly seventy years and counting?


  1. The troops are there with your government's consent. And your government was democratically elected by you, the people. So how is your sovereignty being violated?

    You're right, though. US troops should leave, and some sort of EU force should take their place. Then all you Europeans can be one big happy family.

  2. The presence of American forces in Britain has never, ever been put to a parliamentary vote.

  3. Then write to your parliamentary representative and say that you want them to introduce some legislation.

    They have to listen to you, because you pay their salary.

  4. The tragedy (or is it the comedy?) is that Americans really believe that, the way they really believe themselves to have no class system.

  5. Why shouldn't we believe it? It's true! They ARE your elected representatives. They are in office to serve you, and they HAVE to listen to you. Or else.

    If this particular question hasn't even come up for a vote in the Parliament, it's probably because nobody has cared enough to push the issue, have they?