Monday, 13 July 2009

A Scandalous Lack

Specifically, the scandalous lack of the political will to pull out of Afghanistan.

Eighteen? Good God, they were only just leaving primary school when this war started. They won’t even have remembered John Reid’s assurance that not a shot would be fired.

And speaking of primary schools, it is presumably those, along with clinics, that are being built by what I see that we are supposed to call this “mission”…


  1. Clearly our troops are neither building hospitals nor walking kids to school - they're not social workers.

    But if we're in Afghanistan to stop terror attacks here - why does the government need all those draconian anti-terror laws on the statue books here in the UK?

  2. Well, quite.

    The 7/7 bombers spoke with broad Yorkshire accents.

    And they also made it clear that they were only doing it because of Iraq.