Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Great Whips’ Office In The Sky

In the best New Labour tradition of reannouncement, Hilary Armstrong has once again informed the world of her intention to retire. Actually, I have always liked Hilary personally. It was politically that I disagreed with her profoundly, more than anything (and a lot of people feel like this where she is concerned) because I knew perfectly well that she didn’t really believe a word of what she was saying.

To me, it is irrelevant precisely who the New Labour candidate is. But all those who said that I was too middle-class, or that I was not properly local because I wasn’t born here and didn’t have a mining background, are about to see exactly how working-class or local is any candidate produced by the New Labour machine. And Hilary’s own remarks make it clear what can be expected by those who said that I was too young (and have now been saying that for ten years…). A seat as safe as this can expect a North London princess straight out of Oxbridge.

Her Royal Highness will hold few political opinions. That will be the point of her. But she will certainly hold one. For there is one that must be held by anyone on an all-women shortlist, such as Hilary Armstrong’s seat is bound to be given. That one and only political opinion is support for abortion absolutely on demand, up to and including partial birth. So we know, even at this stage, that that will be the declared position of the New Labour candidate, no matter who she may be.


  1. Is it true that you were asked to be a panelist on Any Questions at Moorside School as the only local politician listening to?

  2. They don't do local politicians on the panel (asking the questions is a different matter). More is the pity, because off the top of my head I can think of at least half a dozen Consett politicians who would have been a lot more interesting than whoever that nonentity was, raised to Ministerial office at this fag end of a government.

  3. FYI the Dipton and Burnopfield Labour Party is briefing its members to lobby against an all-women shortlist being foisted on them, at a meeting next Wednesday. Knowing that the loyal comrades up here will fail in this endeavour, and have to put up with whomever the PLP wants, this is great news for you David, as there are already very disgruntled Labour supporters out there who will, at the very least, not be leafleting and canvassing at the next election. The fields are ripe for the harvest! I pray for your speedy recovery so that you might be sent out with joy to reap!