Monday, 13 July 2009

Saving Marriage

The obvious way to make divorce more difficult is to make marriage more difficult. At the very least, no one under 21 should be able to get married. Any further suggestions?


  1. I feel the same about University entrance. Nobody should be allowed to go to Uni until they are at least 25.
    Alcohol....well personally Id ban it altogether but the age for consuming it should be at least 30.

    As to marriage. Well personally I was 30. But frankly the age should at least be compatible with the Age of Consent.
    Are you seriously suggesting that it should be legal to fornicate at 16 but not legal to marry until 21?

    Presumably you are not being serious. But if you are serious it is not joined up thinking at all.

  2. The average age of marriage has been steadily rising for many years, and very few people marry before the age of 21. So I don't know what problem your proposal would solve.

  3. I don't approve of fornication, but I can't see any point in an age of consent higher than 18 (not 16, so long as the law was set up to differentiate between adolescent experimentation and adult exploitation).

    Marriage is a different matter. I wouldn't allow anyone under 21 to make that sort of commitment. But that is just one of the things that need to be done in order to make marriage more difficult, and thus divorce less prevelant. Any others?

  4. I don't approve of fornication

    Can your loyal readers have your personal assurance that you are personally as pure and untainted in that department as the Blessed Virgin herself?

  5. No, I am not free from Original Sin.

  6. You're not free from Original Sin?

    So you're unbaptized, but also a "practicing Catholic".


    How does that work?

  7. I was not conceived without Original Sin.