Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Even Oil Would Be Better Than This

Why are we in Afghanistan? According to Harriet Harman at PMQs, it is so that the children there can go to school. What a vitally important strategic interest of the United Kingdom. So very well worth the mounting body count. And nothing if not extendible across the globe.

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  1. How ironic that it's the same rationale as the Soviets in the 80s - when of course we were backing the "freedom fighters" that UK forces are now battling...

    Interesting Clegg's now spoken out. The Nato boss in Afghanistan says more UK troops will die because they are trying to minimise civilian casualties by having less airstrikes, more troops on the ground. So even with the right equipment, there will still be lives lost. Is Clegg tip-toeing towards popular opinion, ie., bring 'em home?